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Our Qualities

Our Qualities

We have highly qualified and experienced management team to look after production and quality of the machines being manufactured in our factory at every stage.


Our Testimonial

"We have installed one 18" Impact Pulverizer Machine. With that machine we have obtaines required fineness and the performance of the machine is found to be good. we appereciate their co-operation and wish them all successes."

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Ribbon Blender

Ribbon Blender
Specification For Pulverizer

Ribbon Blender, We are manufacturing ribbon blenders which are designed for efficient and homogeneous mixing of different ingredients and formulations. In this ribbon blender, curved horizontal ribbon blades lift and tumble material while conveying to the center of the mixer drum where they are continuously overlapped and cross blended. In this Ribbon blender, material goes through upward and downward movements and also there is a cross blending action. The material is thus mixed thoroughly and homogeneously. These ribbon blenders are extremely useful in chemical industries, ayurvedic formulation (Duheri churna and Trifala churna), pharmaceutical industries, pesticides and fertilizer and food processing industries and other industries. These are manufactured in a range of 25Kg to 1000 Kg batch capacity in M.S. and S.S.

Following are some its salient features :

1) Due to the unique design of the ribbon blender the time required for mixing is shortened.

2) There is no dust formation while mixing.

The quality of Raw Material and the provision of efficient gear box results in lesser maintenance cost and much less service after sales.

Ribbon Blenders Using Industries :

Insecticide and Pesticide formulations.

Cattle & Poultry feed.

Dyes & Paints Pigment blending.

Chemical Industries or Any type of powder mixing / spices mixing.

Output Details :

One Hour 500 Kgs 10 HP Motor
One Hour One Tone 15 HP Motor
One Hour One and Half Tone 20 HP Motor
One Hour Two Tones 30 HP Motor

Some Of Our Clients In Ribbon Blender :

Dr.Herbs India Avenuue, Tirupattur.

Ayyanar cottage Industries, (Sakthi Sivam Muligai Sivakkai thul), Rajapalayam.

Dr. Sidhan's herbal formulation Pvt. Ltd, Chennai.( Cholayil Pvt Ltd, Medimix Group).


We fabricate a vast range of mini roasters, used for the parching and roasting of grains, cereals and nuts. Apart from that mini roasters can effectively eliminate humidity from the grains. In order to make other finished products like crushers, decorticators and energy food from grains; other suitable equipments are required as Roasters are meant for roasting only.

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