Herbal Pulverizer

herbal pulverizer

Our Herbal pulverizer is consist of the mill hopper, the classification round, pulverized blades, gear, pulverized motor, discharge, fan blade, feed trough, dust bin, and so on, materials from mill hopper into the pulverizing chamber to pulverize through The high-speed rotary blade , Adjust the distance between the classification round and the classification set to reach the required fineness of materials.
The high-speed rotary blade comply with the requirements of the materials into feed trough box from chamber , the dust from the feed trough box is collected by dust bin, the unit according to pulverizing chamber, did not meet the requirements of Materials continue to pulverize in the pulverizing "GMP" standards for design, simple structure, easy clean-up operation, a small noise, high-yield, high-quality stainless steel machine with all the materials , Pulverized in the process of blowing dust-free.
Herbal pulverizer applied to the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. With air-cooled, and other non-screen performance, it is not material viscosity, and the degree of soft and hard fiber, such as restrictions on the materials can play any better results smash. Especially suitable for pulverizing the herbs with fiber and a certain oil-based materials.

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"We have installed one 18" Impact Pulverizer Machine. With that machine we have obtaines required fineness and the performance of the machine is found to be good. we appereciate their co-operation and wish them all successes."
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