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Our Qualities

Our Qualities

We have highly qualified and experienced management team to look after production and quality of the machines being manufactured in our factory at every stage.


Our Testimonial

"We have installed one 18" Impact Pulverizer Machine. With that machine we have obtaines required fineness and the performance of the machine is found to be good. we appereciate their co-operation and wish them all successes."

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Herbal Pulverizer

Herbal Pulverizer

Herbal pulverizer, is consist of the mill hopper, the classification round, pulverized blades, gear, pulverized motor, discharge, fan blade, feed trough, dust bin, and so on, materials from mill hopper into the pulverizing chamber to pulverize through The high-speed rotary blade, Adjust the distance between the classification round and the classification set to reach the required fineness of materials.

The high-speed rotary blade comply with the requirements of the materials into feed trough box from chamber, the dust from the feed trough box is collected by dust bin, the unit according to pulverizing chamber, did not meet the requirements of Materials continue to pulverize in the pulverizing "GMP" standards for design, simple structure, easy clean-up operation, a small noise, high-yield, high-quality stainless steel machine with all the materials, Pulverized in the process of blowing dust-free.
Herbal pulverizer applied to the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. With air-cooled, and other non-screen performance, it is not material viscosity, and the degree of soft and hard fiber, such as restrictions on the materials can play any better results smash. Especially suitable for pulverizing the herbs with fiber and a certain oil-based materials.

Herbal Pulverizer are manufactured with trough type or enclosed in a circular type and conveying horizontally or inclined or vertical with permitting intermediate discharge of the material at several points. These conveyors are specially used for dusty, hot material and material with an obnoxious odor. Offered in small width, these are dust-tight by jacketing the trough. To meet the specifications of our clients, we offer a wide range of accessories such as loose Screw Flights (S.S. or M.S.).

Types Of Herbal Pulverizer

Twin Herbal Pulverizers.

Screw Feeders.

Paddle & Mixing Conveyors.

Right and Left Handed Herbal Pulverizer.

Rotary Air Lock Valves.

Features Of Herbal Pulverizer

Features lexible enough to convey path like inclination, curve, etc.

Low operational cost.

Useful for taking the cleaned fish to the continuous cooker.

Easy to maintain.

Output Details

Size Of Machine Horse Power(HP) Per / Hour Output
SVI 18” 10 40
SVI 20” 20 60 Kg
SVI 25” 30 80 Kg
SVI 28” 40 100 Kg
SVI 32” 50 - 60 170 Kg
SVI 36” 100 300 Kg

Accessories of Material Handling Equipments :

We also offer wide range of accessories like Loose Screw Flights (in S.S. or M.S.), Paddle Buckets (Deep or Shallow), Rollers, Trenching Idlers. Return Roller, Chains and Sprockets.

Some Of Our Clients In Herbal Pulverizer :

Tamil Nadu Medicinal Plant Farms & Herbal Medicine Corporation Limited (TAMPCOL), Chennai.

Annai Aravindh Herbals, Chennai.

Almaa Herbal Nature (P)Ltd, Chennai.

Heavenly Fuel Pvt Ltd, Chennai.

R.R.Herbal, Chennai.

Dr.JRK’S Research And Pharmaceuticals Private limited, Chennai.

Jaycee Agro Products India Pvt Ltd, Chennai.

Dr.Sidhan's Herbal Formulation Pvt Ltd, Chennai.( Cholayil Pvt Ltd, Medimix Group).

Juku Orchem Private Limited, Chennai.

Herbesia's - SS Enterprises, Chennai.

Reliance Instruments Corporation, Chennai.

Jeyalakshmi Herbal, Chennai.

Ortho Cure, Chennai.

Shree Varma Bio Naturals, Pondicherry.

K.M.A Herbal Exports, Thindivanam.

Ayurfirm, Malur, Bangalore.

Pass Agro Natural Food, Hosur.

Dr.Herbs India Avenue, Tirupattur, Bangalore.

Olive Life Science Pvt Limited, Bangalore.

Re-Search Institute Herbal Midicines – Nammakal.

Thangam Extracts, Namakal.

Ancient Greenfields Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore.

Grunwald Naturals, Erode.

Madhumathi Herbal And Yoga Hospital, Theni.

Vajra Durga Herbal, Chinnamannur.

VIP Herbal, Madurai.

Arul Shop Net (Kalai Mark Herbal), Madurai.

Emassam Medics, Madurai.

Jothi Herbal, Madurai.

Bhuvi Care Pvt Ltd - Thirunelveli.

Sri Ramakrishna Herbals, Sattankulam, Thuthucorin District.

Vallalar Herbal, Vallioor Tirunelveli District.

Aravindh Herbals Labs Pvt Ltd, Rajapalayam.

Ayyanar Cottage Industries (Sakthi Sivan Herbal), Rajapalayam.

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