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Our Qualities

Our Qualities

We have highly qualified and experienced management team to look after production and quality of the machines being manufactured in our factory at every stage.


Our Testimonial

"We have installed one 18" Impact Pulverizer Machine. With that machine we have obtaines required fineness and the performance of the machine is found to be good. we appereciate their co-operation and wish them all successes."

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Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyor, consists of two or more pulleys that have a continuous loop of material that rotates above them. Size and length of the belt conveyors depend upon the weight of the material and the distance up to which it needs to be carried.
We design and fabricate varied dimensions of belt conveyors that are widely used in different sorts of industries Our belt conveyors are avaible in different width andlengths to suit customers requirement.Standerd belt conveyors are generally used on assembly or packing lines, or in clean areas such as the food and the pharmaceutical industries. Belt convetors will utilise the material either PVC/PU(smooth or gripped), Rubber or Moduler depending on the application.

Belt conveyor system can either be fixed speed or variable speed. Variable speed can be achieved by using inverter. Belt conveyors are the most relevent solutions and can be described as most commonly used conveying equipment in any plant. The wide range of materials that can be conveyed by this equipment with little modification.

Sri Vishnu Industries are predominantly used for handling all types of packing or loose products. Depending on the use, the belt finish can either be a grip surface for inclines, low friction or food quality; this is achieved using rubber, canvas or specified materials. The frame construction can also be manufactured in various materials, e.g. mild steel, powder coated, zinc coated or stainless steel. Fixed or variable speed can be achieved via an extremely mounted end drive unit, or motorized drum assembly. Roller bed is usually preferred because it requires low power, and the belt has a longer life. Slider bed is used for loads with small, regular bases, conveyor – loading areas and next to operators such as assembly stations, because it does not have high – speed travelling and heavy load capacity. These conveyors are ideal for general goods transportation in application such as packing, testing, inspecting, recycling and various assembly line operations.

The built - in guard rails in horizontal belt conveyors is ideal for overhead conveying applications. It easily conveys boxes, cartons, cases, bags, etc, as well as loose parts. It is easily adjustable according to the floor type. Adjustable 2 - 1/8 in. dia. pre-lubricated ball bearings. Guards included. The formed steel slider bed is 4 inches deep with deep guards, powder painted together with splice plates.

•  Packing Table / Assembly

•  Troughed belt

•  Totally enclosed system

•  Wire mesh

Types Of Belts :


Rubberized Nylon Fabric

PVC / PU Fabric

3-4 Play M24 grade Rubber

Output Details :

Machine Type SVI – S1000
Grade Food Grade
Convey Speed 30M / Min
Belt Type Ply Propylene(PP)
Power 120W
Voltage Single AC220V, 50Hz
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